Everybody needs a place to belong!


Who are we?

Unified Underground is a youth mentoring program for the underground subculture based out of Jax FL. Our goal is to provide community for those who might not fit the "mainstream mold." Everybody needs a place to belong!


What do we do?

We host and participate in events and activities within our subculture communities. Whether it's weekly skate club, BBQs, roadtrips to music festivals and comicons, annual UU adventure trips, supporting local music, or one-on-one mentorships, UU has something to keep you busy. Please contact us @ info@unifiedunderground.com or call 443.789.1171 for information for upcoming events.

What do we believe?

Unified Underground is a faith-based organization. While the leaders at UU identify as Christians and believe that real hope and peace are found through Jesus Christ, we know that not everyone shares our belief system. Everyone is welcome at UU—regardless of religion, race, gender, or orientation. Everyone needs a place to belong!





+ August  2020 +

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The scene is a...“brotherhood & sisterhood; one family”

Warzone 1982–1997 (a New York Hardcore Band)

This idea of scene is the core of the difference between mainstream and underground culture. A scene is a community within the underground "a family"even though very dysfunctional. Frank Zappa once said, " the mainstream comes to you, but you have to go to the underground." This underground world is exclusive and this is what draws so many within the youth cultures to it!  People want to belong to something, but not to something anyone can be a part of.They want to belong to something special.




Because the scene is a family we try to attend as many underground events as possible.Whether your culture be Skateboarding , Snowboarding, Surfing or Hardcore, Punk, HipHop, Goth, Fantasy Sci-Fi, Gaming, Cosplay, geekdom etc. This is where you meet people and make friends if you are part of the underground community.


Unified Underground exists within subcultures to be present as True members of the scenes. We believe shows, skate spots, gaming rooms, mountians, waves and the underground as a whole, are more than just locations and gatherings. They are places to find community and belonging not found anywhere else. The definition of scene and underground scene vary but in both instances a scene is... the place where real        life occurs."


We attend underground events and underground locations to be a part of the scenes. UU hold frequent social gatherings that are open to all. These parties & get togethers, such as cook-outs, Skate Cookouts, Root Beer Keggers, movie nights, and Underground Thanksgiving etc. are where community is formed and life happens.



Roadtrips offer us the opportunity to strengthen our friendships and spend quality time with each other free of the distractions of everyday life. We also attend fests, conventions and other events for the experiences. We beleive experiences change a person deep within and gives you a story worth telling!




In the Underground a person's beliefs are sacred to them. Therefore we refuse to force our beliefs down any-one’s throat but we do seek to be real and speak our minds with the same freedom anyone else has. We know that we can never hope to discuss our beliefs without knowing what others believe. We do not try to persuade someone to our belief system by mere words, for even the Christian scriptures say that you must be “born of Spirit”. So we communicate our beliefs to inform and build mutual understanding but unless the Spirit of God beckons someone to embrace our faith our coercing would be futile. Respect is the foundation of a friendship and is a good place to start a conversation.















7036 Lenczyk Dr. Jacksonville FL 32277


(we are a non-profit 501c3 so any financial)

gifts are tax deductible.

You can always donate to UU by sending support to the above address. All checks can be made out to Unified Underground INC.



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